Rob Diaz

Hi there 👋
I'm an art director and motion designer living in Barcelona.
I make product videos, design digital products & animate.

Some of my past work includes Maya Generalist and 3D Artist with Unity.

Feel free to say hi at 🙌

Loom Pro

Video produced for the launch of the Pro version of Loom.
Client: Loom
Role: Direction & Animation

Rugby Player Load

Video produced for International Rugby Players that provides strategies and advice that helps protect mental and physical health of players and therefore, avoid injuries.
Client: International Rugby Players
Agency: LiveWire Sports
Role: Direction & Animation

Leef Earphones

A visual representation of what could be
an earphone set inspired by nature.

Created as an exercise to replicate shapes from nature that would provide functionality without disrupting the environment.
Role: Prototype, 3D Modeling & Design

Garçon Coffee

A coffee guide for people who travel abroad. Find the perfect coffee drink, see what it looks like, and learn how to order it. Designed and developed as a side project and featured on Product Hunt
Role: Founder, Designer & Developer

Script 2 Time

A tool that helps copywriters, voice over artists, and media producers to calculate the duration of a written script, instantly.
Developed as a side project.
Role: Founder, Developer & Designer

Anefp Xmas

Christmas card produced for the holidays season.
Client: Anefp
Agency: Zama
Role: Animation


Video produced for the HPE software ITOM suites.
Client: HPE
Agency: Demoflick
Role: Animation

Random Shots